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2006-09-30 || Site Move & Favorite Entries


My site is moving!!! As of tomorrow (October 1, 2006) you can find me over at www.sockgirlie.com. Same old Pam, fun new design! This site will still be up and running with my archives from 1/03 - 9/06, but all of the new stuff will be at my new site. It's been a great ride here, but it's time to move along. I chose to do it October 1st since that seems to be a day of change for me - 4 years ago my life changed significantly that day, and that's all I really want to say about that. (It's nothing bad, just a little personal.) So anyway, even though this is a small change, I'm keeping up with the spirit of the date. Catch you all over there tomorrow! Before I leave here, though, I decided to go through and list some of my favorite entries that I've written since I started writing here in January of 2003. What I'm MORE interested in are what your favorite entries have been, so hit up the comments and let me know. In the meantime, here are mine:

Favorite Entries: 1/03 - 9/06:

My favorites, in no particular order:

1. The Hanson/Frankie Muniz doppelganger entry, if only for the unexpected hilarity caused by me finding out that it was actually Frankie Muniz who randomly materialized in my picture.

2. Rage Against The Drive-Thru, just because it was fun to write.

3. The entries about my ex, because they are different from what I usually write about, but mostly because they're a good snapshot and reminder of where I was then going through that and where I am now, on the other side.

4. The infamous business 'purposal'.

5. The Josh Groban concert entry - to this day I still do that hand gesture to Lucy whenever we talk about him and we never fail to laugh. Then she will inevitably start asking about David Caruso.

6. My love letter to cookies. I wish I could find a guy who would make me feel like that.

7. The requested entry about dating men from work, if only for that drawing.

8. One word: Bedface, and his subsequent appearance on Ellen.

9. The Worst Public Access Show entry. Oh, Papa Pie.

10. The drunk entry, because I am nothing if not an ass.

So what are yours? (And thanks for reading! - Pam)


For fun, I will leave you with 2 videos from karaoke last night. Here's Lucy and our friend Eric doing their best Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald impressions. 'Twas the highlight of my night:

And here's our idol, Vito singing Lucy's all-time least favorite song in the world:

He always holds his ear like he's singing We Are The World or something. Love it!

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