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2005-01-01 || 101 Things in 1001 Days
**List Officially Ended 9/28/07**

(Re-posted because completed tasks wouldn't update in older entry)

In honor of today being both my 300th entry and the first entry of 2005, I wanted to do something special. I was inspired by the '101 Things in 1001 Days' lists done by Jessica, Lauren & Heather, so I decided to do my own. I'm not into New Year's Resolutions, so I figured I'd do this instead. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it seems. However, I got it done and it offically starts today. The items that have been completed will be in bold with the date completed following the item. I'm hoping to get pictures of some of them as I do them. (I'll link to the entries with pictures if I do) I have a handy-dandy link on my navigation pane if you'd like to check back and see how I'm progressing (although I will try to mention in entries when I have completed a task). Anyway, with that said, let the list begin. I've got 1001 days - let's see what I can do --

Pam's 101 Things In 1001 Days

1. Go to L.A. [Completed May 25-29, 2005]
2. Go to a taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show [This ties in with #1]
3. Eat an In n’ Out burger. [Completed 5/25/05]
4. Find a new version of “The perfect underwear bottoms.” [Sorry, but I hate the word ‘panties.’ Ew.][Completed March 18, 2005. Bless you, Victoria's Secret]
5. Do live band karaoke in Boston.
6. Design my own sneakers at NikeID.com. [I designed my own Chuck Taylors instead. I'm counting it}
7. Get a DVD recorder and transfer all of my home videos onto DVD. [Well, almost all of them. No need for those embarrassing New Kids things] [Completed 4/23/06]
8. Meet Taylor Hanson. [Completed 9/24/07]
9. Figure out what kind of new job I want and then get it.
10. See Green Day Live.[Completed 9/3/05]
11. Write and put on another play. [Completed August 27, 2005]
12. Submit a one-act play to try to get in to a local festival.
13. Go 6 months without being on antibiotics.
14. Watch all of my unopened DVDs.
15. Go back to Vegas.
16. Find the elusive perfect red dress. [Completed January 15, 2005]
17. Go out and have a random make-out for old time’s sake.[Completed 10/8/05 - Word.]
18. Add at least another $2000 in my savings account and leave it there. ($3000 would be even better.) [Completed October 3, 2006]
19. Write a short story just for kicks.
20. Design a new diary template myself. [Completed September 27, 2006]
21. Find a new good red lipstick that doesn’t come off when you eat. (Damn you for discontinuing ‘Copper Kiss Pearl,’ Cover Girl!) [Completed 1/11/05. Thank you, Max Factor Lipfinity and your wealth of glorious colors!]
22. Gather enough people to finally play the Survivor home game. [Completed 3/12/05]
23. Go back to NYC and see another Broadway Show. [Completed 4/06 & 8/06 for the NYC part and 1/20/07 for the show part. We couldn't get tickets to any of the shows we wanted while we were in NYC (or they were too expensive), so we opted for Wicked when it came to Providence, so I'm counting this.]
24. Go to O’Brien’s with the DBF girls. [Completed 5/27/05]
25. Take up a new hobby. [Completed 8/1/06 and 9/23/06 - Ninja Fighting and Indoor Rock Climbing have been added to the mix.]
26. Play with a live monkey. [FINALLY!}
27. Trick someone into watching Don’t Look Now. [Completed 1/21/05. Gotcha, Jerry!]
28. Cook a meal that’s edible (besides meatballs, the only thing I can make) without screwing anything up. [Completed 12/25/05 - God bless you, Hot Dog Express!]
29. Have cheesy song night at karaoke where my friends and I sing songs we would normally never sing. DJ, start up Total Eclipse of the Heart and Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue for me, please. [Completed 11/25/06]
30. Have drinks with Potes.
31. See the Lord of the Rings movies.
32. Find a new alcoholic beverage to add to the short list of drinks I like and can tolerate. [Completed 2/2/05 God bless the Applebee's Perfect Apple Margarita]
33. Watch Casablanca. [Completed 6/15/07 - Thanks, Pragmatica!]
34. Fall in love.
35. Lie to a guy about my age.[Successfully completed 6/10/05. I shaved 3 years off with no problem. I'm going lower next time!]
36. Take another trip by myself.
37. Go in a hot tub. (I LOVE hot tubs) [Completed 1/31/07]
38. See David Sedaris again. [Completed October 2, 2006]
39. Win more than $40 playing blackjack at a casino.[Completed 8/12/05 - $190, baby!]
40. See Lucy Woodward perform live. [Completed 3/1/07]
41. Meet Shelly [Completed 6/12/09].
42. Go see Improv Jones. (If they're good, stay after and audition).
43. Find a partner and join my father’s card league.
44. Win the after-card league game of pitch one night and take other people’s money instead of them taking mine. [Completed 1/30/05 - how fitting that I won $44]
45. Go back to Forever 21 with Sassy and take pictures of ourselves in the clothes.[Completed 4/3/05]
46. Use my Ronald McDonald drinking glasses that are currently sitting in a box in the basement. [Completed 5/20/06]
47. Go to the circus again. [Completed 5/5/07]
48. Go to a college or professional sports event.
49. See 30 Seconds to Mars live (and close to the front row so I can drool over Leto)[Completed August 2, 2005]
50. Buy a bathing suit that fits.[Completed March 18, 2005]
51. Go to a taping of SNL (this one is contingent on the show getting better)
52. Get the balls to play poker at a casino.
53. Try out for Wheel of Fortune. [Completed 9/16/06 - I'm counting it even though my name never got called - I went to the audition!]
54. Live out my lounge singer fantasy by singing at a piano bar.
55. Audition for a musical.
56. Beat Jerry at the Flashback TV game. [Completed 7/2/05 FINALLY!]
57. Move out.
58. Go to an amusement park. [Completed 5/28/05]
59. Wash my car more than once every six months. [Completed 2/7/05]
60. Have my car waxed.[Completed 4/28/05]
61. Go to another midnight movie at the Avon Cinema.
62. Have a conversation with TB that lasts at least 5 minutes.
63. Go to a Christina Aguilera concert. Dress slutty. [Completed 4/25/07]
64. Play that 360 degree Dance Revolution game right instead of not being able to figure out how to play head-to-head and making complete fools out of ourselves. Do it up right and trash talk while playing.[Completed 4/3/05]
65. Play tennis. [Completed 5/19/09]
66. Bake a dessert. [Completed 5/19/06]
67. Travel without chill pills.
68. Finish all of the 7 or 8 books I’m currently reading.
69. Drink a shot. [Completed 6/22/07]
70. Find a suitable replacement for my all-purpose black heels, which are currently dying a slow death. [Completed 2/17/05]
71. Convince a first date to take me to Burger King. [Completed 1/26/07]
72. Splurge on something short-lived but luxurious, like a first class plane ticket or a nice hotel (like the Bellagio). [Completed Post-List 5/5/08]
73. Break 170 in bowling. (This would actually require me to go bowling. Well, at least more than once a year.)
74. Bowl more. [Completed 8/8/07 - I've already been 4 times this year, and I also bowl on the Wii, so it's counted.]
75. Trick someone into drinking Cel-Ray. [Completed 2/19/05]
76. Find one pair of expensive jeans that actually fits me correctly. [Completed 5/26/05]
77. Buy them. [See above]
78. Go on a blind date. (I have an irrational fear of them)[Completed 5/23/05]
79. Convince someone that I’m British. [Completed 9/9/06 - Frito and I did this in Boston while shopping.]
80. Go dancing. Completed 1/6/06]
81. Sing a duet with Shmuel.[Completed March 18, 2005]
82. Send a drink to a cute guy at a bar.[Completed 4/2/05]
83. Paint my fingernails. (I haven’t bothered with my fingernails in years, but I keep my toes painted.) [Completed March 11, 2006 - Can you believe it took me over 2 years to do that?]
84. Go to England.
85. Follow through on our idea to dress up like idiots, act like it’s normal, go to a bar we’ll never go to again and hit on guys to see what happens. (I’ve got my vinyl hat and pants ready!)
86. Watch everything that is currently saved on my TiVo. [Completed 1/13/06 - FINALLY.]
87. Play Uno Attack! and win for once. [FINALLY - 10/31/08]
88. Go to the new restaurant downtown and ride the mechanical bull. Try to stay on longer than I did in Vegas.
89. Go out “dessert hopping” one night with my friends.
90. Do 35 Grand in the Sand again. (Bring a partner this time)[Completed 8/6/05]
91. Have a girls night out with the complete set of close girlfriends. [Completed May 20, 2006]
92. Write a song about Green Eggs and Ham and work it into a play.
93. Go in an inflatable bouncy castle.[Completed 7/3/05]
94. Learn how to play chess.
95. Play The Sims without using the money cheat. [Completed August 16, 2006 - My Sims, they are so very poor!]
96. Go shopping at Natick Mall.
97. Draw. [Completed 10/10/05 - I drew a liger.]
98. Have my teeth re-bonded. [I'm crossing this one off as I did one better and went the Invisalign route 5/4/06]
99. Start watching Airline. [Became a regular viewer 1/3/05 after watching a marathon 1/2/05]
100. Eat raw carrots with no repercussions.[Completed 6/19/05 Oh, how sweet they were....]
101. Laugh every day. [Completed 9/28/07]

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