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2006-09-25 || Evil Easter Bunnies & Rock Climbing!

Dear Mike O'Gorman, Michael Torpey, and everyone else involved in making The Easter Bunny Hates You (watch below):

Marry me.

No, seriously. Marry me. I don't care if polygamy is illegal - we'll move to Utah with Bill Paxton and make Evil Easter Bunny movies all day long! True love forever! (If you won't marry me, can I at least borrow your brain for a little while? You are brilliant. Thanks.)

With love,


(Big ups to Pratt, for sending me the video.)

In other news, on Saturday I used my gift certificate that I won in the radio station contest that gave me a free party for 10 at a local indoor rock gym. None of us had ever done it before, so it was exciting!

Harnesses are fun! Yay!

So we started climbing...

...and climbing...

...and demonstrating the fact that pretty much everyone looks silly in a harness:

The person that can successfully rock a harness must be incredibly fierce.

Anyway, after our initial climbs, we kind of all we realized how hard the whole rock climbing thing is. Well, that, and just how out of shape we all are. Seriously. We started at 1 PM and had free climbing until 3. Not one of us made it that long. I believe we finally packed everything in at 2:40, although most of us were done a while before then. I also must mention that only two of us could climb at a time, so we weren't actually climbing that whole time. There was a lot of flopping down in heaps on the mats, whining about various body parts hurting, and hands stuck in claw-like shapes. But we enjoyed every minute of it. So much fun!

In the beginning, I thought it was so easy when I made it to the top of the two beginner walls. I was all, "Pssshhht, this is cake!" ...Then we went to the "easy" walls and then some of the lower difficulty ones. I don't know who determines such things are "easy", but all I know is that I made it almost to the top of the third wall that I tried and then never made it to the top of the other 3 that I tried after that. One of them had all but one of us spending most of our time trying to scale it swinging around like fools after falling off. The swinging may have been my favorite part. Well, that and consistently hearing a loud whacking noise only to look up and see my brother swinging and flailing around. THAT was the best part.

Oh, and the one person out of the group who conquered EVERY SINGLE WALL? Frito's pal Christina, who is a total rock star (no pun intended):

David was the master of bouldering:

That picture is not even altered - he's hanging upside down. Show-off! Also - bouldering? Laughed in my face. I'm still shaking my fist at that rock...thing or whatever it is. SHAKING MY FIST!

All in all, a fun day and a great prize to win. (Take THAT, mountain bike!) Most of the group plans to go back again - well, once we recover. Here we are after an hour and a half of climbing:

So, so sad.

before & after

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