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2005-11-06 || The Great...Er, Not So Great Hanson Caper

Sooooo close...and yet so far.

So yes, The Great Hanson Caper. It...well, it didn't go so well. This may be in part because of my panicking and fleeing, but we'll get to that. First, the explanation of the whole thing. Right now Hanson are out doing a tour that's sort of a Best of Hanson Live thing. [I'll give you all a moment to insert your "What are they playing, one song?" joke here.] Anyhoo, in every city that they're playing in, they're also stopping at a local college to show the documentary that they made about the arduous task of making their last record and the subsequent creation of their own music label. The boys are also doing a Q&A with the students following each screening. I had tickets to their show in Boston on Friday night, and lucky for me, my pal Shmuel is a student at Emerson College, the area pick for the documentary and Q&A. The terms of getting into the screening on Thursday night were simple - tickets were being given out at 4 PM for the event at 7. One ticket per student, and you had to have an ID to pick one up. Shmuel offered to get me a ticket, so I figured it was worth a shot to try to get in with his ticket. I'm actually probably one of the few people who really really really wants to see that movie, so why not? The plan was all in place: Shmuel would call me at 4 and give me the lowdown before I bothered driving into the city. (If you don't know my history with Boston driving, it is this: I always get lost. Most times I end up somewhere in the financial district, which is nowhere near where I should be. And why is this? Because MapQuest LIES.) When Shmuel called me a little after 4 on Thursday, he mentioned a slight problem - they were not giving out tickets, but wristbands. Still, he said he would wait and see if he could get one (there was quite a line) and then see if he could get it off. A little while later, I got the call from Shmuel saying that he did indeed get the wristband and that he got it off to put on me. Things were looking up. I mean, come on, the wristband is the golden ticket, no? So I happily hopped into my car at 4:45 to head into Boston, and I happily battled the grueling traffic because I had visions of Taylorplums dancing in my head, and then I got off of the exit, took a right where it told me to and ended up...in the financial district. I think Boston should have an alarm installed strictly for when I come close to entering the city that would shut my car down and just send someone to come and get me because it is just THAT bad. Luckily, Shmuel was able to get me back on track and I finally found him and we ducked into an alley to do The Great Wristband Switcheroo. Well, not technically a switcheroo, I suppose, but I like that word, so I'm keeping it. Did I mention that we ducked into an alley? It was all so shady! Spy vs. Spy! We then headed across the street to the building that the event was being held in, and I showed the woman at the door my wristband and she ushered me right in. Home free!!! Well, until I passed through and she called after me, "Have your ID ready for the ushers." Shit. Then the people at the second set of doors were motioning to me to come along, saying, "We just need to see your ID." Now, normally I like to think that I would have used my acting talents in this situation and talked my way in, expressing my disbelief that I had left my ID at home, silly me, but for some reason that instinct didn't kick in at that particular moment. Instead, I froze, mumbled something about having left my ID with my friend outside, turned around and FLED.


I reconvened with Shmuel outside, who offered me the use of his ID to try to get in. I thanked him profusely, but then pointed out that his picture is CLEARLY THAT OF A GUY. He suggested holding my thumb over most of the picture, which was a good idea until I staked out the window and watched a few people going in, only to see that A) they weren't letting in people without IDs, and B) they were taking the IDs and looking at them very closely. Curses! My brilliant plan was foiled! FOILED! Eh, it was worth a shot. So yes, The Great Hanson Caper turned out to be not so great. I was soooo close. I was through that first door!!!! But hey, next time. Also? I got to see Taylor the next night anyway. And oh, it was glorious.

I think Jerry had a momentary lapse of insanity when I was first telling him about the concert, because he offered to go with me if no one else would. I don't think he thought I would really take him up on the offer. Oh, but I did. Since he was going with me, I agreed to take the day off so we could go into the city early and do some stuff that he wanted to do. He's very Boston-savvy, but seeing that he was with me, what do you think happened when we tried to drive to where the concert was? You guessed it - we got lost. Oddly, we didn't end up in the financial district, but still. I think Boston just doesn't like me. Anyway, Jerry was mystified when we walked into the club because it was PACKED wall-to-wall with people. He just kept asking, "Who are all of these people and why are they all at a Hanson concert?" He looked stupified the whole night. Especially since people were going wild. He just kept looking around in shock, repeating that he didn't get it. But he was a trooper and said he enjoyed just watching me, because I spent almost all of the 2-hour Hanson set with this wide-eyed look of wonder and giddiness on my face. But really, what can I do when my Taylor is shaking his ass and going wild and then doing the unthinkable and pulling out my all-time favorite Hanson song? (I've never seen them do it live and this was my 5th time seeing them. It was as if the concert was just for me. MEEEEE!!!) I almost fell to the floor with that one. So even with The Great Hanson Caper and Great Wristband Switcheroo falling through, it was all worth it, because I got to spend 2 kick-ass hours with my baby the next night, singing songs just for MEEEE! and doing that little a capella thing that I love with his brothers. (Ooh, that ass!) Also, there's always next time to meet my Tay. And I will. Oh yes, I will.

Oh yeah, and at least Frankie Muniz didn't show up out of nowhere and ruin everything this time. Muniz!!!

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