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2005-03-13 || The Survivor Home Game: A Photo & Video Essay


Well, I was finally able to scratch #22 off of The List last night when I gathered up 12 people to come over and participate in the Survivor home game. We had 2 tribes of 6 people each with a mixture of semi-young and old, and our host Jerry Probst. Folks, I can not recommend this game enough. It RULES. If you do play, you MUST follow the suggestion in the directions about setting up a video camera in another room for the voting and final words from the contestants. When the game is over, you all watch the video to see what everyone said about you. It was absolutely hilarious and the best part of the whole thing. The game is hard to describe properly in words, so I figured some pictures and video clips would do it better justice. So now, without further ado, I present The Survivor Home Game: A Photo and Video Essay. Shall we?

As you can see, we had a nice tropical island day for our game.

What's a game of Survivor without (gummi) worms, bugs and fish?

What everyone was after - the immunity idol. Lucy named it Shawanda.

But oh, how joyous you are when you have her. Take THAT, Tamarin tribe!

Then again, winning immunity sometimes takes hard work...

...and other times it takes some humiliation when you get chosen to be the model for the tribal face-painting challenge:

What it doesn't take, however, is hitting your partner in the eye during the challenge when you have to toss popcorn into her mouth:

Unfortunately, Lucy had a better tosser on her tribe:

But in the end, though, it's all about tribal unity. If you can band together when awaiting the announcement of the winner of immunity...

...you can send the other team to tribal council twice in a row where they will worry about their fate:

And find out who their real friends are when they receive unexpected votes:

And when all is said and done, the tribe will speak and someone will be voted out. My father certainly didn't like being the first person voted out:

Some took the snuffing in stride, like my aunt below...

While others...

...such as my uncle Paul don't take it quite as well as the other folk do. You can watch a clip of his final words video here to see what I am talking about. This is after he has accused Jerry of tampering with the ballots because he questioned his authority as the host. He was bringing our tribe down all night - no wonder I called him a 'negative ninnymugger' when I cast my vote for him.

And speaking of casting votes:

...you've just got to hope that you've put your trust in the right people. This factor came into play when a hair-braiding challenge almost proved to be my downfall. Immunity was at stake and our tribe was down to me, my brother and Liz's friend Rebecca. When it was revealed that Rebecca didn't know how to do a french braid and I had only done it once in my entire life, my attempts to braid Rebecca's hair and beat Lucy...well, let's just say it wasn't too pretty. After all, master braider Lucy grew up with 3 sisters,

...while I grew up with a brother and 3 boy cousins. I played with Matchbox cars, not dolls. My brother called out my failure at french braiding as 'unacceptable' at tribal council, setting up Rebecca to be our swing vote as we both whispered to her to vote the other one off. I was still offended by my brother's sexist comments about my not knowing how to do a french braid when I headed up to cast my vote. You can watch what I had to say about that here. Thankfully, Rebecca decided to vote with me (for the greatest reason in the WORLD)

...and my brother was voted off, much to his chagrin:

I don't know if he was working the Boston Andy thing there with his hat, but he certainly had some bitter words for Rebecca. Watch them here. Hee! I love my brother.

When it got down to 3 people, Lucy won immunity and was faced with the unenviable task of having to vote off a member of her 3-person alliance and choose who to face in the final two. As you can see in this video, which captures her meltdown at the voting box, the choice was not easy. But at least she had some nice things to say when she cast her vote, throwing in a little dance when she did (video here).

So it finally came down to the Final Two of Lucy and Liz, who addressed the jury members at the final tribal council:

Lucy dominated the challenges a la Boston Rob, while Liz slid in under the radar and on the strength of her alliance. My father pulled a total Rupert after he asked about his departure at tribal council and it was revealed that Lucy voted for him for "personal reasons" and Liz didn't vote for him at all. You can see his Ruperty comments to Lucy here. He started out by saying that he was intending to vote for Lucy until she said that. Such sour grapes.

As we all know, there can only be one sole Survivor. And who will it be?

Liz, who actually employed Sean's idiotic alphabet voting strategy after I joked about it and basically said at tribal council that she didn't really care if she won, and who called me today to announce that Lucy had been robbed. But as it happens so often on the TV show, that's the way it goes. At least she got a plastic tiki cup filled with candy out of the deal:

The prize has been awarded and so we end our photo and video journey through the excitement of the Survivor Home Game. Seriously, if you can get enough people together, this game comes HIGHLY recommended. Also? Try to get Jerry to host. He beats Probst any day of the week.


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