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2006-09-02 || Teddy Geiger Checked Me Out (And I Didn't Feel Dirty About It)

I am officially VERY old.

I dragged some friends to a Teddy Geiger concert the other night, which led to all kinds of shenanigans. First of all, I know most people are saying, “Who?” However, you probably know his first single. You know, the song that uses “muster,” (a word that really should be used more)? You know the one about confidence and cannonballing? That one that has Kristin Cavallari in the video and they’re kissing in the pool? (Wow, I feel a little better about myself now that I had to look up how to spell her last name.) He was Wayne on Love Monkey? Okay, I was the only person who watched that. Oh, just click on his name above to get to his MySpace page and listen to For You I Will - it will probably set off a light bulb in 70% of people. Oh, that song!

ANYway – I bought Teddy’s CD after seeing him on Love Monkey and it’s really good. It’s kinda chill – he’s one of those sensitive guitar/piano playing boys, and you know how much I love the piano-playing guy singers. Man, do I love them. It makes a guy infinitely hotter to me. It’s my kryptonite!! Anyhoo – back to The Teddy. I saw the show advertised and the tickets were really cheap, so I rounded up a crew to go check it out. Lucy had seen him on Love Monkey as well, and Joe liked his song, so they were in. Of course, I found out after I bought the tickets that Teddy was 17, and not 23 as I had assumed. (And really, I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out since his CD booklet opens up into a poster of him.) But, as I found out, he is turning 18 on September 7th, so I didn’t feel as dirty. Only a little. When we got to the show, we mostly just felt OLD.

Joe and I arrived first and we ended up getting there right before the second opening act. We immediately started laughing when we walked in because there was a section of high-top tables in the back with a whole bunch of parents just hanging out there. The club is set up with 3 sections, the back with the tables and bars, a middle section with a lower bar, and then the front section down in front of the stage. Joe and hung out in the back section while we waited for Lucy and at one point I excitedly pointed to a guy near us to show Joe that there was someone there who was our age. Seconds later, the guy leaned back to reveal an 8 year-old girl sitting up on the ledge next to him. We just laughed even more. The crowd was pretty much made up of a ton of teenagers, some younger kids, some parents, and then a handful of people our age. Thankfully, there weren’t that many people there so when Teddy came out, we weren’t assaulted with a cacophony of piercing screams. Sure, there were some, but it was NOTHING like the New Kids days. These were faint and short. After the songs, Lucy would laugh and join in with a big “Eeeeeeee!”

So yes – the Teddy. He’s adorable and sounded really good live. Joe only knew his single, but was pleasantly surprised by Teddy’s talents. I spent most of the night admiring his other, um, talents. Nice arms. Even cuter ass. Lucy and Joe kept shaking their heads at me, especially when I was involuntarily responding to his singing, “Oh, give it to me,” in a song with a hearty, “Oh, I will GIVE it to him!” Poor thing, he looks so innocent!

The bottom section in front of the stage was only about half-full of people, so I ventured down there a few times to get some pictures and videos. Lucy said that she felt like she and Joe were my chaperones when I went down there, all, “Just be careful and stay where I can see you.” Hee!

My second-favorite pictures of the night (you’ll see my favorite at the bottom) illustrate the difference between Lucy and Joe with all of the teenyboppers at a Teddy Geiger concert :

…And me with all of the teenyboppers at a Teddy Geiger concert:

I’m such an ass.

But here’s where I felt old: I didn’t feel quite right staying down in the bottom section. I felt like I was passing the torch down to the little 14 year-olds down there, like this was their thing. I didn’t want to be too tall to block them. I thought of how I would have felt if there was some old bag blocking my view of Joey McIntyre. I felt like I was infringing – so basically, I felt like an OLD LADY. It was totally the right way to feel, but still - how did this happen? I don’t think I like it one bit. I felt much more comfortable in the middle section where most of the older crowd was. And really, we could see perfectly from where we were. Here’s a short video that I took from where we were. Aww, poor innocent little Teddy and me there staring at his ass. So wrong - so very, very wrong. At one point, Teddy introduced his song Underage Thinking, and Lucy and Joe both turned and looked at me and laughed. Joe said there should have been a spotlight on me when they said that.

When the show ended, we couldn’t really hang out inside of the club because they had to get it ready to be open to the public at 11 PM, so we headed outside to hang out while Joe waited out his beer buzz before he drove home. And God bless Joe’s beer buzz, because this is where things got really fun. When we got outside, there was a group of teenyboppers all huddled around Teddy’s bus, which was parked in the alley next to the club. A security guard came out and herded them away, back up to the street corner. Joe said that he wanted to witness the madness of the girls, so we went and stood where there was an optimal viewing point down the street. Lucy said I should just start yelling, “Hey! I’m the only legal one here! Unlike these girls, I’ll put out!” However, we were doing a good job of blending in as assumed parents, so I decided to keep mum and not blow our cover. Lucy had to head out, so I stayed with Joe and we concocted a whole back-story where we had an Amerasian love child who was a huge Teddy Geiger fan and we were there trying to help her meet him. As time passed, some parents took their reluctant children and made them go home. (The next day was the first day of school in most places.) We were hysterical after a car drove by slowly and some guys started singing out the window, “If you’re over 21, raise your hand,” to the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” After about a half an hour, there were only about 10 girls left waiting and we were wondering why the parents would have stayed when it was obvious that Teddy wasn’t coming out. Even the security guard had called it a day and headed back inside, leaving the girls free to mill about down by the bus. Joe was finally ready to head out, but just as we started to walk away, we heard some commotion down by the bus. I looked over and saw a little skinny boy with a mop of black hair come out of the bus. I turned to Joe, who was laughing, and said, “Let’s go down there.” He just laughed and stayed where he was, but I figured, “What the hell, there’s only 10 girls down there, I’m going down.” I walked down the alley and found only 3 groups of one or two people waiting (all around 12 – 14 years old), so got in line to have my CD signed. I finally convinced Joe to come down and join me so he could take a picture for me. It was hilarious to watch Joe try to sneak and hide as he walked down the alley. I yelled at him to get over it and he finally joined me, still laughing.

Then, something happened.

When the two girls in front of me started towards Teddy to get a picture, he looked up at them and glanced over at me. Then he did a double take, smiled at me, and CHECKED ME OUT. Then he had to turn his attention to the girls to get in a picture. I turned back to Joe and said, “He just checked me out!” He said, “I know! He’s probably all excited to see someone legal here.” When the girls left, I made my way over to Teddy and asked if he’d sign my CD. He smiled and said, “Of course,” giving me a little coy look. Then I asked for a picture and turned to face the camera. Now, I’m a person who respects the personal space of others (unless your name is Gavin DeGraw), so I was just standing next to Teddy. As he said, “Sure thing,” he put his hand on my waist and PULLED ME IN NEXT TO HIM. Then he left his hand on my waist and started drumming his fingers on my side, right above my jeans. As Joe was taking the picture, the inside of my head was screaming, “Is he flirting with me? No, no! He’s seventeen, he’s seventeen, he’s seventeen!” Thankfully, I listened to my head and just thanked him and told him how much I enjoyed his show before I fled off down the alley, laughing with Joe the entire time. But really, what a little Flirty McFlirt! Of course, I loved every minute of it. Oh wait – yes, the picture:

His eyes are seriously insane. Why hadn’t he turned 18 the week before instead of the week after, dammit?! I joked with Lucy about being too flummoxed by the drumming of his fingers up and down my body to even think about trying to see if he had his cell phone on him, and she said that maybe he was on to me and that was his strategy. “He distracted you with fondling!” Awesome.

Fast Food Weirdness of the Day: This is a 2-parter: 1) One of our local McDonald’s just up and closed out of the blue. That place has been there since before I was born! I don’t get it – it’s not like they didn’t have any business. The place was always packed! And really, have you ever seen a McDonald’s close? Weird. And I really wanted to go there today – I had a hankering for some McNuggets. Since I couldn’t go there, I ended up at my personal favorite, Burger King, which leads to…2) So I’m in Burger King today, and as I was chowing down I stopped and realized that the piped-in music was playing a rap song. I glanced around to see 2 other people looking up at the speakers with puzzled looks on their faces. I’m used to the adult contemporary in my Burger King, not Paul Wall. At that point, I had to stay to see what song came on next, and it was Ciara’s Oh. Then another rap song started after that. WTF? (Also, am I the only person in the world who is not creeped out by the Burger King guy? I love him! I want him to come peer in my windows!)

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