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2005-03-02 || Beware Of The...Bed Face?

Okay kiddies, gather round – it’s time once again for “Listen to the Crazy Lady tell you something ridiculous!” Today’s installment: ‘There’s a Face on My Bed.’

Seriously, there is a face on my bed. I noticed it on Monday and I was obsessed with its creepdom all day. I was on the phone with Lucy and I couldn’t stop staring at it. During our conversation, I just kept stopping and blurting out, “But there’s a face on my bed!” Lucy thought I was nuts, of course, and I don’t think my explanation of the face being a result of creases and wrinkles in my comforter helped my “I’m not completely insane” cause too much. I got pretty much the same “Uh huh, whatever you say,” reaction out of Jerry as well. “But it’s a face,” I pleaded, “He’s staring at me!! He looks like the Easter Island guy!” Since no one believed me, I decided to take matters into my own hands and prove that my madness was unfounded (well, in this case):

Look at it! Do you see it? It’s STARING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!! What does it want? I was thinking that I should cordon off my bed and start charging admission for people to come and see my Bed Face, but then I remembered that I like to sleep and the face would be no more after that night. Damn my love of sleep! I could have auctioned off the face on eBay like that grilled cheese sandwich with the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary or whatever it had on it. I could have said that the face on my bed was that of Saint Sleepytime or something. Damn you, wondrous and joyous sleep!!!

As expected, the face was gone yesterday and I went back to life without a bed face watching my every move. Everything was very peaceful and relaxing and tra-la-la until this morning. I was busy throwing my hair up when I just happened to glance over at my just-made bed. It was back. Oh, and he looked angry! What does the face want?? Who is he? Why is he spying on me? And most importantly, does anyone know where I can get some velvet ropes and a money box? Eh, I’ll just tell myself that sleep is overrated. There’s money to be made here! Step right up, folks!

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