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2004-04-02 || Six Degrees of Can't Hardly Wait
There's a new game in town - Hurry, call all of your friends!!

The other night I introduced a friend of mine to the joy of the underrated classic movie Can’t Hardly Wait. The first time I saw this movie was when it was in the theaters, and I thought it was okay, but I wasn’t amazingly taken with it. However, on second viewing, I grew very fond of it. And I find that it just keeps getting better every time I see it. It’s one of the first DVDs that I bought, and even though I own the movie I still find myself stopping to watch it if I catch it on TV. My mother likes to refer to it as “that movie where Seth Green is stuck in the bathroom.” That’s the only way she knows it. Probably because at one point I used to just watch the Seth scenes over and over just because I adore him and this is absolutely my favorite role of his, ever. (By the way, he’s kick ass on the DVD commentary track) Hey, at least she doesn’t call it “That movie with The Kid from Dick Tracy all grown up.” Whatever you may call it, I call it a classic. It’s also filled with a huge number of actors and actresses who are popular today. St. Elmo’s Fire’s got nothing on this puppy. Every time I see it, I notice another person who I didn’t realize was in it. I think Can’t Hardly Wait should be the new center of a six-degrees-of-separation game. Forget Kevin Bacon. He’s history. Bring it all back to Can’t Hardly Wait.

Can’t remember who is in it to play the game? Here’s a few:

Seth Green - THE reason to see the movie. “Allergic?”

Lauren Ambrose - Currently being lusted after by men who watch her on Six Feet Under

Ethan Embry - Currently being lusted after by Shelly, after she watched him in Celeste in the City. I, myself, have always lusted after his yellow-sleeved baseball shirt from this movie.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Ew.

Peter Facinelli – The non-Bill Bellamy guy on Fastlane “Someone called me a fag!”

Breckin Meyer - Oh how I love him so.

Donald Faison - Most people know him from Scrubs, but I’ll always love him from Clueless & Felicity

Charlie Korsmo - Aforementioned “Kid” from Dick Tracy. Also performs one of my favorite scenes in the movie – ‘Paradise City’, baby.

Selma Blair - I just noticed her for the first time the other night. She’s got about 2 lines, but she’s there.

Melissa Joan Hart - You know, I really liked Drive Me Crazy, but I don’t know why.

Eric Balfour - Currently making me sweat every time I see him. Liking that he’s dropped by The O.C. even if it is only a few episodes.

Erik Palladino - Pre-ER. I always get him mixed up with Jeremy Sisto.

Sean Patrick Thomas - Before he got his groove on with Stiles

Jay Paulson - You know, Alicia Witt’s boyfriend on Cybill! Don’t ask how I know that one.

Jaime Pressly - Currently dating Kid Rock.

Chris Owen - The klepto!!! Name a teen grossout comedy – he’s in it.

Jason Segel - Freaks and Geeks! Woo!!!!

Sara Rue - Now she gets to work with Andy Dick. Poor girl.

Clea Duvall - She just always looks pissed off to me. Or maybe she’s just hiding chicken under the bed.

Amber Benson - Aww, Willow’s Tara. Listen to the commentary to see where most of her scenes went.

Brian Klugman - Yeah, I didn’t know his name either. But he’s the guy with the Sideshow Bob-like hair who always plays a stoner or a surfer. (Think first season Felicity) He also doesn’t think Velma got enough play on Scooby Doo.

Jenna Elfman - Dharma!

Jerry O’Connell - I don’t care – to me, he will always be the fat kid from Stand By Me. Extra points for being in Dude, Where’s My Car?. Wait, subtract those points – he was also in that hilariously bad Mariah Carey ‘Heartbreaker’ video.

Those are just a few of the folks that you can play with. There are even more, but those are the ones who are going to score you some points. If you haven’t seen the movie, go do it. Then, go forth and play.... Good luck!


In other random news, my "birds are trying to kill me" curse has struck again. I had a meeting at work yesterday out in the common area of the building, which has an open ceiling up to the third floor. (It's all closed, though) I had been sitting there for only about a minute when I heard this THWACK! behind me and looked back to see a bird laying right next to some plants behind me. My boss jumped about ten feet. The bird finally managed to flip over, but then it flew to a ledge on the second floor and just sat there, watching me. Everyone at work thought it strange, but I knew what he wanted - my blood! Ha HA! I've escaped again, you bird bastards.

Co-Worker Fashion Faux Pas of the Day: She's wearing some spangly meshy button-down shell under her suit jacket today. It's quite ugly.

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