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2005-09-04 || Welcome To Paradise


Last night I crossed an item off of The List that is something I've wanted to do for years now. After last night I can say that it was MORE than worth the wait. So what did I do? I'll give you a hint:

No, it wasn't a Patriots game. Here's another hint - a look at the stage set-up pre-event:

Got it yet? How about now:

AWW YEAH. #10: See Green Day Live. Let me just tell you this: Those boys put on the greatest concert I have ever seen. I was going out of my mind most of the night. The one drawback of the stadium setting is that there are really no "good" seats unless you're in one of the first few rows on the floor with these maniacs who will push you all around all night:

No thanks to that. We had nice, comfortable seats, and even being up in the stands didn't really change anything. The show was kickass from wherever you were sitting. (Besides, there were screens next to the stage so I could drool over the close-ups of Billie Joe. And drool I did - ask Jerry. All night I was yelling, "He's so hot!" and "Look at him!") Actually, "sitting" is the wrong word to use as I only sat down during the 2 opening acts (one band we couldn't hear, but it didn't matter because they bored us, and Jimmy Eat World who we couldn't hear well enough because they're good. Oh, I was hooting for the Sweetness). Once Green Day hit the stage, I was out of my seat and dancing, clapping, shouting, singing, and just basically acting like a maniac. And it was awesome. I had the BEST time. I told Jerry that I NEVER act like this at concerts, but he didn't believe me. It's true, though. But Green Day? They must bring out the wild woman in me. I like her. Lucy is laughing over my accounts of screaming "WOOOOOOO!!!!!" all night long. Want proof? Check out this video clip from the opener, American Idiot, and my less-than subdued reaction to the big bang ending --> click here. "WOOOOOOOOO!!!"

If you get a chance to see one of the remaining dates on the tour, get yourself there. These guys are AMAZING. And they seem like really great guys. I've noticed it in interviews before, but it was evident again during the show. At one point they brought up 3 fans from the crowd to fill in on their instruments and it was really cool. One guy ran right up and hugged Billie Joe when he got up there, which is what I would have done, except I would have planted a big one right on his lips. Oh, the Billie Joe. I realized yesterday when they showed him lying on the stage during their cover of Shout and I leaned over to Jerry and muttered, "I'd like to wake up to that every morning," that Billie Joe is probably the actual longest-running celebrity boyfriend that I've ever had. If he's not #1, he's close to it. Our love bloomed the moment I first saw the video for Basket Case way back when, and it's been a constant ever since. (I also remember my friends being grossed out when I would show them the video and swoon. Typical.) Our love was brought full circle with my freak-out during their performance of Basket Case last night. Luckily, my freak-out wasn't captured in this little video clip from the song --> click here!

It was great to hear them mixing up tunes from American Idiot with other hits from their career for us old-school fans. Jerry was laughing at me while we were driving in and I was complaining about all of the 14 year-olds there with their American Idiot t-shirts on, because I was shouting, "They don't know!!! Late-comers!!!" But honestly, while I was watching the show last night, there was a moment where it actually made me proud to be a long-time fan, because I've watched these guys succeed and struggle all of these years and it's been so awesome to see them finally getting their well-deserved due with this album. I don't care that these kiddies came in late to the Green Day fan machine, I'm just glad they came. The Green Day boys deserve every single thing that they get.

Still, you can't go wrong with a show that includes a slew of songs from American Idiot (yes, I know it's their best, but Dookie is still my personal favorite) as well as Longview, She, Hitchin' a Ride, Brain Stew/Jaded, Minority, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), and many others. I like to think that their inclusion of the non-single tune King For a Day was just for me as it is one of my all-time favorite Green Day songs. (What? I know, but a girl can dream.) And you get all of that wrapped up in a spectacular, amazing, and fun stage show. Billie Joe is an effing ROCK STAR, baby. And now my reputation for being a laid-back audience member at concerts is officially ruined.

Hell yeah.


Artifact of the Day: Since I'm in the spirit of sharing scary old pictures of me lately, look at what I dug up from my college newspaper back in the day:

If only they had listened to me! (P.S. Are you digging my scary hair/rugby shirt combo or what?)

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