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2006-04-03 || NYC, Will & Graces Style

NYC, baby.

Well, we're back from our audition for Vh-1's World Series of Pop Culture Tournament. Due to confidentiality clauses and such, I can't get into much detail about some things, but I will sum up the trip thusly: we had a blast.

If any of you don't know about the show, it's going to be comprised of teams of 3 battling it out to see who has the most useless knowledge filling up their noggins. Our team was comprised of me, Lucy and Frito (Team name: Will & Graces). Auditions were being held in 5 cities, and 5 teams would be chosen from each city along with another team made up of 3 people from the online exam. In each city, a written exam is given the first day and teams must collectively pass to move on to a short interview. Then, 8 of the passing teams come back the next day for a regional qualifying round. Of the 35 teams from each city who lose the qualifying round, 10 will be chosen to make up the remainder of the 16 teams that will compete in the national tournament. Got it? Phew!

Anyway, we scored an audition in NYC for Saturday. Ours was at noon, and when we got there, we found out that they were being held all day, starting at 8:30 AM and going to 8PM, every half hour. There were about 25-30 teams in our session alone, so that is a whole bunch of people. The exam was made up of 50 questions (no multiple choice), and we had 15 minutes to complete it. After the 15 minutes was up, we all hung out while the tests were scored in another room and then they came back in and said which teams made it. All we knew is that your whole team had to pass, but we didn't know how many questions was considered passing, and we weren't given the answers afterwards so no one really knew how they did or which members did well and which screwed the pooch. It was just "these teams passed, the rest of you did not." Out of our group of 25-30 teams, only TWO passed. And yes, we were one of the two teams. Woo! After that, we did a brief 5 minute interview with people from the show and then were told we'd receive a phone call after 8:30 that night letting us know either way. Sadly, we were not one of the 8 teams picked to move on to the next day, but we were happy enough just to have passed. As Frito said, "Hey, at least we know we're smart enough - we're just not likeable." Hee! Hey, there's always season 2....

Anyway, here's a fun photo essay of our adventures:

You HAVE to wear the hotel robe. I mean, come on.

We all had the jitters before taking the exam!

This hotel is named after where we live, which we took as a good omen...then.

We were a little giddy after passing the exam.

Oh, the Hershey's store, the home of longing. (Also the place where I learned that they're no longer making my beloved Twosomes. I figured that anyway and have been buying them up on the Internet like a banshee.)

We still don't know what the hell got on Frito's pants, but he double-bagged them when he packed them up to go home. I'm still voting for 'flesh.'

After having lunch at the Hello Deli, because really, you have to, we went to this place for dinner, The Jekyll and Hyde Club. I LOVED it. Frito had been before, and as soon as he floated around the idea of the "haunted house restaurant," Lucy and I were all over it. One of the roaming actors immediately glommed onto me, introducing himself as Miles and asking if Frito was my boyfriend. When he found out he wasn't, I saw him whisper something to Lucy and then he announced to me that he liked sock monkeys and asked if I did as well. When I said yes, he got all embarrassed and giggly and ran off. Embarrassed and giggly was his shtick. He was adorable. Lucy said he asked her how to impress me. Aww. He also provided Frito with the quote of the night, "That must be a record - it only took her 38 seconds to start flirting." Hee! When Miles passed by our table later, he shouted out, "There's Pam, my future girlfriend!" Then, as is his wont, he giggled and scurried away. Call me, Miles! Anyway, when he came by again, I snagged him for a picture. He was, of course, giggly and embarrassed:

After I put my arm around him, he had to wipe his brow with Lucy's napkin. He was completely adorable and I just wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home.

Anyway, after dinner, we went back to the hotel to await "the call." After we got the disappointing news, we went through some of the stages of grief:





...And then back to anger.

After that, we just started laughing and turned just plain punchy:

Then, we did what any other normal people would do:

We watched carny porn. Well, not really, but I was curious.

And really, all's well that ends well as we had this glorious image when we were driving home Sunday morning:

Gotta love those shaggy-haired NYC boys. I gave them a big ol' "Woo!"

So, even though we didn't make the show, we kicked some ASS on the exam and I met my future lovah, Miles. I'd say it was a good trip, indeed! (Seriously, call me Miles!)

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