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2006-05-04 || Adventures In Orthodontia + Woodward Love


I had forgotten all about the joys of orthodontia until today. Actually, most of my past horrors and the "feelings" they caused my mouth to endure have been thankfully forgotten and are merely stories now, but I should have at least remembered that some of it hurt at some point. But hey, that was a long time ago. I have a wonderful history with my teeth, dating back to my first mouth appliance in 1983, the frankel (from the latin: "Frankenstein mouthius"). That frankel was just as hot and sexy as it sounds. Then I did the braces thing (and headgear some nights when I decided to actually wear it) from 1984-1989, and I had the pleasure of having 13 teeth pulled during those years. Yeah, my baby teeth didn't want to come out. Anyway, so I was mercifully all done with that shit in 1989 and had wonderfully straight teeth. They were straight! And pretty! And my bite was perfect! And yay!

...And then 2 years later my front teeth were crooked.


A couple of months ago I finally decided to look into doing something about it after bonding could no longer fix the problem, so today I picked up my first tray of OrthoClear, which is just like Invisalign, but newer and cheaper. Yay for cheaper! And yay for invisable and removable straightening thingies! And yay for the company making me trays for my bottom teeth even though I only asked for (and paid for) the top ones being done!


Well, I'll be saying yay tomorrow when my mouth gets used to these tight little things. Right now I'm saying "Yeeeoww!" and "Pass the Tylenol please, especially if it's laced with codeine!" But even with today's discomfort (which I'm sure will be gone soon), I'm quite happy that I've finally decided to do this. My new orthodontist is very cool and nice and doesn't punch me in the face like my dentist does. Also, the whole process has been relatively painless aside from today's adjustment. The first visit just involved a lot of digital pictures and x-rays, and then the 2nd was the impressions, but they're not even 1/100th as gagtastic and gross as they used to be back in the day. So it's all been very pleasant, and in 12 months I should have straight teeth once again.

Did I mention yay?!


Speaking of the yay! - one of the coolest things happened to me today. My favorite female singer is the relatively unknown Lucy Woodward. I know I've talked about her on here before, so I'll just recap and say that she rocks and that more people should know her. Anyway, I lost a bet and had to post a silly video of me singing on my MySpace page, and in the video I'm singing a couple of lines from one of her songs. I was sending her an e-mail about a song lyric question I had, so I also told her about the video and she wrote back and answered my question and said that she'd have to check out the video. (She's so awesome.) That was over the weekend and I didn't think anything more about it, but today I got an e-mail about a new comment on my page and when I went to check it out, it was from Ms. Woodward herself. Check it:

thank you for rocking my song!!!!!!! that's awesome. i sent your video to my whole family. it's truly an honor. lucy

Y'all - there are no words. Singing is my greatest love and passion, and to have my favorite singer say those awesome things to me? Squee x 1000. She is seriously the coolest. And if you like funky chick rock, check her out, because there is no one better.

Have I mentioned "Yay!"?!

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